At New Year


A blank canvas.  So exciting.  And a bit daunting.  Need to start, continue and end in worship.  With thankfulness.  And trust.  And love overflowing, given to us through that worship.

Let’s ask God to bless the whole year. 

May the glory of our Lord Jesus shine brightly in us and through us this year.

May his Holy Spirit fill us.

May we see clearly the path ahead, even if we see only one step at a time.  And may we have the courage and discipline to take it, wholeheartedly and full of faith, hope and love.  Knowing that we are not alone, but accompanied every minute of the year, by the Holy Spirit.  And by so many friends, sisters and brothers.  What a joyful privilege.

Many people are suffering.  They need us to follow God’s call and use our gifts and opportunities to serve them – and to rescue them when that’s needed.  We can’t carry everyone’s burdens, but we can carry the burdens of those people whom God calls us to.  So let’s listen for his voice, and follow it when we hear it.

And let us see what God does with our small mustard seeds of faith.

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