Boldness and humility


Boldness and humility go together.  This is a paradox, but I think it’s true.

We tend to associate humility with meekness, quietness, even passivity.  And boldness with high levels of self-esteem, an extrovert character, cockiness.

The Christian is called to follow Jesus.  He was humble and bold at the same time.  To be God, yet come to earth as a baby and then a man, suffering death on a cross, is humble in the extreme.  Yet to live as he did, proclaiming the kingdom of God to a sceptical or hostile world, is extremely bold. 

So if we are bold in obedience to his call, we are showing humility towards him.  Firmness and gentleness can go together, as they did with Jesus.

On the other hand, if we have gifts of leadership but refuse to use them, we may be being arrogant in not agreeing to follow God’s call.  It may be the humbler path to get out there and lead.

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