Drawing near


Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.  That is a promise in the Bible.  It sounds so simple.

Like a child coming close to their father or mother, the result is that they are close.  And the parent will then often come even closer to their child, perhaps putting their arms around him or her.  An approach from the child prompts an approach from the parent.

The Bible says God is like that.  But without the ways that human parents sometimes get it wrong – they may be too busy or distracted, not paying proper attention, or not full of love at that moment.  God is always full of love for us, and the Bible promises that he always draws near to us when we come near to him.

How can we come near to him?  I’m no expert, but I sense that something very simple is all that’s needed.  Just like that child.  Say something to God.  Picture him in your mind and mentally come close.  Ask him to help you come close.  Approach with your emotions as well, expressing a need or a longing that you may have and putting it into his hands.

Our physical stance can help too.  Everyone is different, just like everyone has different physical ways of expressing themselves to human friends.  Some will throw their arms out, some will smile, some will be impulsive, some will be more gently reserved.  Find what helps you.

How will God come near to us?  The Bible is full of the various ways that he has come near to people in the past.  Have a look at them.

This is somehow right at the heart of the Christian faith: simply drawing near to God.  We can find it really difficult, because of distraction or doubt or worry or guilt.  He asks us still to come, as we are, because he loves us without limit and without conditions.

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