Generic Security Guide for Humanitarian Organisations

A few years ago I wrote the ECHO Generic Security Guide, a comprehensive security manual for aid agencies.  It was commissioned by ECHO, the humanitarian donor arm of the EU, to promote better humanitarian security management.
The Guide aims to help humanitarian organisations to manage their security well.  It combines the following:
  • Highly practical guidance, avoiding theory, but with reasons given where that is helpful
  • Simple, clear language
  • Accessible and easy to navigate
  • Illustrated, user-friendly layout
  • Equal emphasis on nationally-recruited and international staff
  • Step-by-step approach for all levels, with specific sections for new humanitarian staff all the way through to senior managers  
It's primarily designed for humanitarian (i.e. emergency aid) organisations and staff but is also relevant to long-term development, with minor adaptations.  Copying is permitted - see section 12 for the full copyright statement.
It's available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.  The various versions are below - click on the image for the main English version.
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