Taking possession


It is obviously a good idea to take possession of what we have been given.  God has given us:

  • Eternal life
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Forgiveness
  • Guidance
  • Strength
  • God’s wisdom
  • Friendship with God
  • A new purpose
  • Love
  • A changing life, to become more like Jesus
  • Access to God through prayer
  • Authority over evil in our own lives, and over evil that we may come across
  • All the promises of the Bible
  • Peace with God, and the peace of God
  • A new family of our Christian sisters and brothers, to add to our natural family

How do we take possession of all of these gifts?  We start by saying yes.  It is natural to say thank you to God for each one of these gifts, and for any other gifts that he’s given us.

We can then ask him to help us to take possession of them.

At that stage, there’s nothing for it but to walk out in faith that these gifts are there.  We trust God for them, and prayerfully put them into action.  And see what happens.

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